Pick My Brain

90-minute intensive Coaching

Join me in this hands-on, customized 1:1 intensive coaching offer created for entrepreneurs, visionaries, and small business owners who are currently stuck on a topic, project, or idea, and could use some additional outside guidance on the subject.

90-Minute Intensive will include:

  • A 90-minute call to break down whatever project, business offer, idea, and/or area of conflict you’re currently processing. 
  • Actionable steps to help you continue to process and through the concept at hand after the intensive and also make tangible steps forward. 
  • A deeper understanding of how your mindset and creativity can be better applied to the project at hand.
  • A chance to ask specific questions and get personalized support.

What to Bring:

  • Any ideas, paperwork, problem solving, or brain dump notes you have already done on the topic.

Human Design Workshop

🌟 Join me for a deep dive into the basics of Human Design! 🌟

Date - April 10th at 2pm PT / 4pm CT / 6pm ET

About this Event:

Join me in this intro-level virtual workshop as I guide you through the basics of human design, including your strategy, authority, and more.

The workshop will also include:

  • A breakdown of how to read the basic elements of your human design chart
  • A deeper understanding of how to apply your human design to your business and/or life
  • A chance to ask specific questions about human design or your chart in general

What to Bring:

Look up your human design chart here using your birth date, location, and time: My Body Graph

March 2024 Workshop Feedback

March 2024 Workshop Participant
March 2024 Workshop Participant