hi there!

I'm Nia

I am a Black, Non-Binary, and Queer multidisciplinary business mentor, fearlessly championing self worth, human design, and entrepreneurship through various medius.

In my work, I'm always ready to dive deeper into your human design, creative spirit, spirituality, Queer identity, and relationship to yourself and your body and I do it all with wit, wisdom, and a touch of sass.

My passion for empowering changemakers and worldbuilders is as contagious as my smile!

I started my first business in 2016 after losing my job and looking for a new purpose in the world around me.

What I found was a new way of being.

I have lived about 20 lives in the first 31 years of my life. 

I graduated with a degree in biochemistry. Have built multiple 6-figure businesses. Publicly chronicled my recovery from my eating disorder.  Found my voice, lost it again, and then found it yet again. Fought my way through burnout multiple times. Have been diagnosed with a variety of mental illnesses. Created and hosted two podcasts.  Participated in multiple documentaries. Told my story to executives at various startups and companies. Modeled in photoshoots. Written guest excerpts in several published books. Published my own book. Had my artistic designs on the shelves on Target. And much, much, much more. 

I am the cat but this time, with 9 lives LIVED.

I am a 3/6 Manifesting Generator.

But, what I am most interested in is helping you realize that dream you want to live, accomplish, pursue is not only possible, but it's DOABLE. 

I'm using my lifetime of experiences and knowledge to help you become the changemaker you've always wanted to be.

What you should know about me...

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I will FOREVER be a California baby!
Both please!
I use they/them pronouns! Thanks for asking!
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Human Design Workshop

🌟 Join me for a deep dive into the basics of Human Design! 🌟

Date - April 10th at 2pm PT / 4pm CT / 6pm ET

About this Event:

Join me in this intro-level virtual workshop as I guide you through the basics of human design, including your strategy, authority, and more.

The workshop will also include:

  • A breakdown of how to read the basic elements of your human design chart
  • A deeper understanding of how to apply your human design to your business and/or life
  • A chance to ask specific questions about human design or your chart in general

What to Bring:

Look up your human design chart here using your birth date, location, and time: My Body Graph

March 2024 Workshop Feedback

March 2024 Workshop Participant
March 2024 Workshop Participant