And How the New ClickUp 3.0 Version Soothes My ADHD Brain

Let's Talk About ClickUp 3.0 And How It's Helping My ADHD...
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Hey friend! It’s Nia here, back again to chat about one of my favorite tools for managing my business and ADHD brain — ClickUp!

I know, I know, we’ve been here before and talked about how ClickUp is one of my FAVORITE tools for ADHD entrepreneurs, but I had to come back and put y’all on to the new 3.0 version and the ways that it’s showing up for me already!

First off, I’ve been a devoted ClickUp user for about 4 or 5 years now. I’m not unfamiliar with it. It’s my favorite project management tool. But with the recent launch of ClickUp 3.0, not only have they taken things to a whole new level of functionality and user experience, but it’s giving some ADHD friendliness that doesn’t exist in other project management tools! And the new features seem specially designed to mesh with and soothe the rapid-fire tendencies of my brain.

Let’s jump into it, shall we?

#1 — ClickUp 3.0 has Unmatched Reliability and Speed

With the upgrade to 3.0, the speed and reliability of this program have gotten a huge boost! I’m not waiting for it to crash anymore or trying to pick up the pieces like when it did crash before. There’s no more spinning rainbow wheel of death for me or a log when loading. Instead, I’m zipping between projects faster than ever! And that means that I don’t lose the thought I just had or forget what I was doing while waiting for my tasks to load. This snip, snappy performance keeps me engaged and productive rather than distracted and doomscrolling.

#2 — The new Inbox feature is FANCY

Okay, so this new inbox is fully customizable, and when you’re not spending hours customizing how you want it to look and run, you’re easily able to check your instantly displayed notifications and organize them super fast by priority, energy expenditure, and more. I know for me, this has been a game changer because I control how I view things and sort through them!

This new inbox system is actively saving me from having to go through and check for updates in multiple spots, projects, and tasks. One hub, one mission control station, one brain. Yes, please!

Give me the ability to see exactly what needs my attention first. 3.0 has become the new little personal assistant I didn’t know I could have. It funnels the information to me just how my brain needs it!

#3 — Excuse Me While I Use the Universal Search for EVERYTHING

The first time I used the universal search, I didn’t have that high of hopes. But now I use it for everything! I’ve stopped wasting my precious time and mental bandwidth digging for files, tasks, comments, etc., and at a clickity-clack of my keyboard, I’m finding things faster than ever before!

The new universal search feature makes finding pretty much anything as quick as it is painless. Jump in and search for something — ANYTHING. You won’t go back, I promise!
Talk about staying focused instead of falling down rabbit hole after rabbit hole.

(*cough* I mean…not ME *cough*)

#4 — Customizable Everything??? Can’t Stop Me Now!

I can customize just about anything I want now, from templates to task types to personalized dashboards. It just keeps coming. Every time I find something new, I go ahead and check out ALLLL the ways I can uplevel it by making it my OWN.

My and my team’s workflows and mental needs are met easier than ever now and no joke, it’s the ultimate playground for tricking out the dream productivity system!

One of my favorite game-changing tricks is pinning and favoriting anything and everything I need. I have my ClickUp space set up for extreme productivity and a reduction of distraction and ADHD squirrel moments!

But here we are…and at the end of the day, the tools you use are ONLY as good as YOU make them and how you set them up.

ClickUp 3.0 may be more than a project management tool to me — it’s more of a brain buddy who has my back — but if you aren’t setting up and customizing it to your needs, it’s not doing its job. Make ClickUp work for YOU by getting someone in there to help you set things up or teach you how to do it yourself.

My main recommendation and who I go to for help when I need it is Kaci Ranger at Purposeful Systems! She’s set up a top-notch company that is killing the game, and they’re creating even more ClickUp 3.0 tutorials as we speak!

But let me know if you have any other questions or want to talk about all things ClickUp 3.0 and systems! I would be absolutely happy to!

Sending you some organizational zen vibes!


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